Honey Drips

Theres a secret code in your alphabet of words
And honey drips like liquid rain
A rocking horse smile
Theres a fire on the moon
A walnut tree with butterflies

These are days when kingdoms fall
The way that they said it would be
The days of sacred prophets
The beginning of the end

I slip this skin
Like a lemon tree of hope
I didnt know the clouds were here
I watch your hands
And the ink under your nails
The radios dead
And no-one else is here

Try to remember all you know that you forgot
Recognise your soul you know that you forgot
Build an Ark before the rain
And recognise yourself

Mercury and Venus
Jupiter and Mars
Saturn and Neptune
Lost amongst the stars
Pluto and Vega in a Universe of chance
Only love is real
The one constant

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