Reflection of Me

Death, kill, murder
A reflection of me
Intertwined concubines
In my overgrown tree
Time is just the distance between a consequence & action
Love is just the fuel for need & satisfaction

A butterflys wings or the blink of an eye
Could change the destiny between you & I
Move in a dimension where wed never meet
A world of frustration where Id never be complete

Some the have one thousand words to write a confession
Me I got a weakness
And youre my obsession
I find it very hard to tell the poison from the cure
Some they find it hard to tell the wicked from the pure

Youll always find the antidote in the venom
As sure as youll find Hell youll find heaven
Where you find a girl youll find a boy
If you taste a tear you feel the joy
And Im always in the shadows and never in the sun

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