Sooner or Later

Stop the clock
Im happy where I am
Stop the world
Cascading around the sun
Stop the time
The hand around the watch
Stop the sand from falling through the glass

Dont change a thing
Be the Queen and Ill be King
Dont read the sign
Ill be yours and youll be mine

Stop the war
What the hell are we fighting for?
Stop the trees from burning in the wood
Stop the rain
Keep the cloud up in the sky
Stop the Universe from expanding through the heavens

Sooner or later
It all come down to one thing
Sooner or later

Build your big house
Drive your fast car
Identify yourself in this material world
But sooner or later it all comes down to love
However far you run
Wherever you hide
However much you pretend
The clock keeps ticking and youre closer to the end

And sooner or later it all comes down to love

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