Suddenly I Can't Find You

I suddenly realised that I didn’t know

What you were thinking deep in your soul

And I couldn’t find you when I looked in your eyes

Something had vanished, something had died


So I made a deal with the devil - the detail unknown

I wrote down the words and hid them under a stone

But all the he said is “love is the key, there’s no other answer from God or from me”


I didn’t see the path we were on

I didn’t know the people we had become

And when I lost you I couldn’t say

Where it went wrong, on what given day

And I couldn’t point to a moment in time

When love was lost – we miss every sign?

Where does love come from – where does love go?

I still me miss you


“Can’t find you in the Rain

Can’t find you in the snow

Can’t find you

No matter where I go

And I wonder where you are

Wonder where you’ve been

And I’m searching

I want you here with me”

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